Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • christian_k
    Oct 21, 02:41 PM
    Of course, an increased market share is good news.

    But It looks like Apple considers everything outside the USA as "rest of the world".
    Here in Germany there is still no Apple store and there are nearly no ads and if there are ads they are for iPod and not for mac. The only time I have seen a Mac ad on TV was when Apple switched to Intel.

    You can get PCs and PC stuff everywhere, but it is hard to find a Mac (or Mac software) anyehere, even in bigger cities. No Macs in educational sector.

    Today most PCs sold to indiviuals in Germany are sold in super markets and they usualy cost about 1000 Eur (~$1200 without monitor) for desktop systems or about 1300 Eur for notebooks. Apples consumer products (Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook) are not more expensive than that, but Apple fails to make anything of this potential. Macs are still an insider product here.

    Everyone here talks about VISTA - a lot don't know OSX even exists.


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  • darkplanets
    Apr 29, 03:42 PM
    I noticed on an aforementioned wikipedia page that Samba was removed...

    Does this mean I cannot connect to a linux server via smb:// ???
    Not everything is a windows workgroup... :(
    I mean I guess it's not a huge deal since I can ssh in, but I liked mounting it as a volume from finder.

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  • kernkraft
    Sep 29, 09:20 PM
    Nice one, Steve ... he's worked for it.

    We're here for a good time, not for a long time.

    Actually, it was just at least a decade of intentional neglect. Also, most of the work was done by lawyers and architectural consultants.

    I'm not fond of Spanish Revival, but this is not the way of doing things...

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Oct 11, 02:14 AM
    Yeah, Apple isn't going to sit back and let Zune steal its lunch!

    I am leaning towards a new iPod product before the end of the year for two reasons:

    1) Zune is being release, Apple needs to steal the limelight here.
    2) The last iPod update was a huge deal for the Nano and a non-event for the 5G iPod.

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  • D'Illusion
    Oct 4, 09:23 AM
    If the garage is detached, what does he do when it's raining?

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  • NDA74
    Jan 12, 07:14 PM
    Credentialed people are held to a higher standard. They are trusted to cover the event, not affect the outcome of it. Any blogger or press member should be embarrassed by this kind of behavior. As a writer and an event planner, I'm pissed in every way imaginable.

    Agreed. People have argued that bloggers should not be credentialed for trade shows and sporting events because they might disrupt the event. Gizmodo's stunt adds credibility to those arguments.

    I used to read Gizmodo regularly, but I deleted the RSS feed from NetNewsWire Friday.

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  • iOrlando
    Apr 15, 01:29 PM
    looks like an iphone casket.

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  • puckhead193
    Jan 8, 10:46 PM
    this is what i *want*
    a new design for the MBP
    iphone 3g with 16 gigs available for late spring early summer. (i still like my pearl)
    :apple: tv with DVR and blue-ray (HDMI)
    new ACD

    more likely a boring keynotes with all talk (update on mac/iphone/ipod sales a 30 min demo of the MS office, and iphone SDK :rolleyes:

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  • Marlor
    May 2, 06:47 PM
    Seconded. It's such a PITA to re-jailbreak after each of these mini-updates.

    That's the result of modifying the firmware of your phone. If you don't like it, don't do it. Nobody is forcing you to.

    I really don't see the point. If you wanted to install your own "homebrew" apps without using the App Store, you can already do so by using "ad-hoc deployment" or joining the Enterprise Developer Program. Either option makes rolling out your own apps simple.

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  • RawBert
    Apr 25, 12:00 PM
    Fake. Display looks like paper / printed.

    That's what I'm seeing too.

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  • conditionals
    Sep 12, 03:11 AM
    I just tried to imagine an Apple event night without the omnipresence of Chundles and my brain broke.

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  • ifjake
    Oct 3, 09:37 AM
    The way I imagine Apple liscensing/opening up the iPod/iTunes/iTMS system would be for Apple to completely control what the user sees, how the user gets content, even if it doesn't control what the user gets. Like how you can choose which country to set the Music Store to, adding maybe an store to the list,, etc. But as a "reward" for opening itself up to competition, Apple would recieve a slight liscence fee, an teensy bit of the price of whatever's sold. This way Apple could control the look of the iTMS no matter where it comes from by supplying a template, a "user interface guideline" sort of thing for this new multi-store, and all media from Apple or Amazon or wherever could all happily coexist in iTunes. If the other companies want to sell to players other than the iPod, they can use their own system or work out a similar situation with Microsoft and fair play and such.

    I don't really like leaving this in the hands of DVD Jon. Maybe Apple will wait and see what kind of response he gets and then take it from there, but I think Apple and especially iTunes still need to be part of the picture.

    Maybe Apple could simply provide an easy "Add to Library" handle in iTunes, even if the stuff comes from some browser based store, you buy it and it goes to iTunes and thus the iPod. The whole multi-store thing is to me the ideal that I'd be willing to let go of.

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  • Azathoth
    Apr 29, 03:04 PM
    I have to laugh at the people worried that one day Apple will cut off software access in OS X. Apple said they won't do that. That would be bad for business. It makes no sense.

    It makes no sense - until it does...
    e.g. PowerPC support in SL, FW support is waning. Apple does not make, or support, things for the "long tail"

    The main things I need from Lion are:
    TRIM support for 3rd party (my SSD is definately slowing down)
    Better Samba support

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  • Cassie
    Oct 11, 04:51 PM
    wake me up when they release a full-function smartphone/pda that runs "OS X lite" and is a fully featured phone, iPod and PDA (for iLife syncing, etc)

    Did you see my earlier post?:p

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  • dalvin200
    Sep 12, 03:15 AM
    Never going to happen. Just wait till 2am when my posts become even more incoherent than usual.

    EDIT - Don't everybody else do what conditionals just tried to do. A few people did it last Tuesday night and we broke the internet.

    what time is it in the Gong now?

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  • nomik2
    Mar 17, 09:46 AM
    As for the Karma, I found a iPhone 4 at Macy's 2-days before shopping with my girlfriend, and I didn't think twice about not turning it in. I made this woman's day when she got it back. So I figured hey, maybe that was a little something I got for doing something honest a few days before

    So I killed someone last week, but its ok cuz I helped an old lady cross the street last year.

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  • bdj21ya
    Oct 3, 12:43 PM
    but I'm always convinced by ol' Steve that I'l

    Aaron was suddenly whacked by the iLife secret police for even intimating that purchasing yearly upgrades might not be worth it:D

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  • charliex5
    Sep 28, 01:25 PM
    In an age where architect and design firms are just starting to apply to Apple's design principles to the building of homes, Steve Jobs has gone and designed the iPhone of houses.

    WTH? Whoever wrote this clearly doesn't have any idea about what has been going on in architecture in, oh, the past 150 years. I met Peter Bohlin last year and we got to talking about his design strategies. He's been doing similar work throughout his career, even before BCJ (then Bohlin Powell) was founded in 1965. Check out Japanese architecture from the past 1,500 years.

    As an architecture major and architectural history minor I find this comment to be Jobs-worship. Thinking that nobody else could come up with the concept of a simple and sophisticated design is just asinine.

    My rant aside, I love the floor plan and can't wait to see some elevations/perspectives. Go BCJ!

    Also, on a side note, BCJ is the firm that designed Bill Gates' house...

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  • Peace
    Sep 12, 08:27 AM
    Is this new? DLO Home Dock Deluxe

    Mar 4, 02:10 AM
    Firing incompetent teachers sounds like a great idea, but it doesn't require unions to be disbanded to achieve. The British teachers unions aren't that strong, and still we have huge problems getting rid of poor teachers.

    Jail time for strikers is bizarre and totally unacceptable.

    Additionally there is no way you can claim that it is a "individual liberty" position to hold to be for jailing strikers.

    Sep 12, 07:30 AM
    come on guys.. stop crashing the iTunes Store :)

    Sep 25, 01:50 PM
    Wow! This is VERY cool news! Pretty much everything they have listed as an update, are things I was looking for.....and FREE!!!!! :)

    Sep 12, 08:26 AM
    Man, I always wait till after midnight to check for new music that gets released on Tuesdays. Now that Apple has gone and changed my life in some inconceivable way again, I'll have to wait till this afternoon to get my new album fix from them.

    Yea, there was an album that just came out today that I was seriously contemplating purchasing. I even found it this morning before the store went down.

    Sep 8, 08:32 AM
    That term should be reserved for one person and one person only:

    Why should I change? He's the one who sucks.



    wait, your name is michael bolton?

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