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0 Breath Taking Collection Of Fantasy Wallpapers

When you look at life you will find that it is full of challenges, opportunities along with competitions. It is human that everybody wants to be the best, have the latest and greatest new thing; well today we give you the opportunity to have the best collection of fantasy wallpapers that you can decorate your room along with your computer desktop. Show of to all your friends out there and share the coolest most amazing fantasy wallpapers with each other to enlarge all your magnificent collections of fantasy pictures.

Ruling the deepest reefs of the ocean, the magical mermaid is always lonely while swimming thousands of miles through mighty currents. It is said that mermaids are the reason for most sailors that go missing in the silence of the wind. This specific mermaid is searching for the perfect man to give all her love, to take care of him while ruling the reefs of the ocean together.

 The beginning of a love story can start of in extremely strange ways. The once lonely girl trapped in a tower found someone to share all her secrets with. They never knew that two people so different can ever fall in love the way they did. Will their love last as longs as fairy tales or will they both end up heart broke.

 By taking of her mask that everybody knows, the guardian of planets was able to spot a dangerous event that was about to happen. It was almost to late for everybody living on her favorite planet. She garbed the meteor in the palm of her hands and placed in somewhere where it can not ever harm any innocent creatures.

When a woman is given a choice to choose between two men that she has known for all her life,things may become difficult. What can one do if each man has a different place in your life? How can you choose between your two best friends that showed you how to overcome most of life's obstacles  Would you choose one and lose the other for ever of would you grow old alone without children or a family?

 Born in a very high family, the princess of elves found out something shocking about herself. Her mother might be the queen of the forest but who is her father? There is no Elf that can fly, but she can. One cold winters night she saw a couple of red eyes staring at her, it was a man. His long silver her matched his terrifying fangs, a vampire just arrived in her room with a set of wings just like hers, with shocking eyes she realized who the man.

 With the power of wind on her side, the guardian of the wind is always ready and prepared for battle.




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0 Animals - Animal Wallpapers Online Free HD

Animal Wallpapers

Animals are mostly seen as our best friends. Animals are so beautiful that we have massive collections of animal wallpapers that were collected from photos taken from all over the world. Here we do things a little different. Here we put a twist on everything we get our hands on to make it different than the ordinary things that surrounds us.

HD Animal wallpapers is a big trend on the internet these days. Getting the cutest animals on your desktop background to make all your friends drool has become a sensation that humans quickly got addicted to.

We may never understand the feature that animals play in our lives, but I think it has to do with teaching us a little but more about life. We are always so rushed and angry with everything around us that we sometimes lose focus on what matters in life. We often end up alone and angry at the world because our lives passed us by and we lost things we held dear in our hearts. When you are sitting, staring at an animal, so peaceful and not bothered with much, I think we can see that without technology and other life elements that makes us rush through life, there is still a peace of quite where we can relax and take a deep breath.

Animal wallpapers also shows us times where we need to jump up and get things done. When you see a lion jumping on a zebra, biting his throat and killing him to feed its family, we better understand that even though there are times we need to take a step back and relax, there are times we need to jump in and get things done!

Animal Wallpaper Collection


Here we see a bird wallpaper of the most beautiful bird we ever came across. This bird comes from the lost world of fantasy and brought to life by the amazing designer that captures the dreams of the world and brings to life. A truly rare animal wallpaper to be added to your collection and one that will catch the world’s attention for sure.


A wolf strikes fear into the hearts of even the biggest guys. This wolf wallpaper will definitely define your desktop background to be fearfully amazing. One amazing aspect of wolf wallpapers are the tales of werewolves roaming the earth and animal wallpapers like these might get your imagination running. People always said, legends had to originate from somewhere. Who are we to say they are not true?


Here we can clearly see a flying monkey HD wallpaper that makes no sense, but who says it has to? This is clearly one of those wallpapers that make everybody laugh and have a great time. It is colorful and really well made. We need wallpapers like this to make us unique and different from the rest.


This is a true wallpaper of giant legends. We do believe giants like this roam the earth and we sometimes find a little proof in fossils. These gentle giants are what we all strife to be like.  


This husky with blue eyes hd wallpaper is one of the best backgrounds I have ever seen! They say dogs are a man’s best friends, but if my dog was this cute, I would freak out. I don’t believe any animal can be someone’s best friend, unless that person doesn't have a life and real friends.

Bonus Animal Wallpapers

Friday, October 19, 2012

0 Amazing Fantasy Places And People Wallpapers

Fantasy places and people are what make up our imagination. Our dreams and fantasies are built upon fictional people we made up in our minds and places we only dream of and put it together into the most magnificent fantasy places ever.

Everything around us exists thanks to fantasy and imagination. This is why so many people spend their time creating fantasy wallpapers of people and places to help us build on our imagination to be able to dream further and live into our world of fantasy.

The truth about all this fictional fantasy creations is it helps to motivate us. It gives us hope that we possess the power to change everything around us into something we wish it could have been. All the fairy tales we heard when we were little are the beginning of what our fantasy worlds become. All the fantasy places and people we created in our minds are reflections and twists of all those characters we came to know and love.

We know that the older we get the more reality starts to sink in & we lose the ability to change the negative things into some dreamy. Every human is in charge of its own mind. You control it and you live by where you stair it to go. This is why we collected all these amazing fantasy people and places wallpapers for you to help you and inspire you to feel young again and not fall into the expectations of society to forget your childhood fantasies.

In historic times these was no technology and people did not have the gadgets we do today. They couldn't slide behind their big screen and watch a movie or play some PC games. They had to play outside and when you’re a dull person, playing outside may bore you to death. If you a the type of person who lives out your fantasies and build your own fantasy world, it becomes quite easy to entertain yourself for hours.

The best thing about fantasy is that it is infectious. It’s not easy to stop once you are hooked to living the way of the wicked. Once you experienced the joy of sitting at home and a friendly giant strolls by and gives you a ride on its shoulder or the thrills of you running for your life from the evil Dr. Zed who wants to control your mind to take over the world, you may never want to live in reality again.

 Feel the freedom of having no worries while dancing in a room of clouds.

 You may wonder about tons of things along with millions of questions, but never regret the choices you once made it might just be for the best.

 Discover all the laws along with the mysterious secrets that hides behind the knowledge of an elderly Elf
 Break free from all your troubles when you enter the magnificent world of your dreams, where you make each and every rule.

 Experience the most beautiful honeymoon at the perfect place with the most amazing sunsets ever


Discover your best friend even if it is a murdering animal with a dangerous reputation. 
 Always stay with the people you love even though their already gone. Live on in the memories of those you once called your people. 
 Set of on an amazing adventure and discover the spectacular beauty that hides under the water of a fantasy world
 Be a part of the power along with the beautiful kingdom of the water castle. Discover all its secret passages along with the journey it has to offer.
 Run towards your destination into the sunset of an amazing world called your imagination

Be a part of the wolf tribe and find your best friend that will go to the ends of the world to stay by your side.

Become a part of the magnificent adventures with the Forrest witch. Find out all her ways and how she keeps the forrest safe all on her own.

So take a stroll through our mesmerizing collection of fantasy places and people wallpapers and even download some to take on your journey and help you build the perfect fantasy world for you

0 The Amazing Adventures With Fantasy Worriers

The most exciting part of a tale is always where the worrier claims victory over the enemy.

It is strange to think that the feminine side of worriers are not so girly and petite as most of you might think. These spectacular women never fear anything or anyone, they might be women but they are women with the hearts of dragons. With their trusted weapons by their sides along with mountains of courage in their hearts, these spectacular worrier women go on journeys that the normal human can never survive

 The fantasy fighter was born to be a worrier. Her mother along with her grandfather trained her as hard as possible, to make sure that when the time comes that she will be ready for any kind of test during battle.

 With her trophy in hand, the angel fantasy worrier never lost a fight in her entire life. It is said that her weapon is a legendary spear given to her by her father, the most feared worrier in history.


It is said that she can disappear without a sound and before you know it you are trapped in the powerful claws of the mist worrier.It is said that she can disappear without a sound and before you know it you are trapped in the powerful claws of the mist worrier.
She is called queen of the wolves when she sits with her family. Where there is trouble she is the hunter and protector of her clan. 

 As a princess she is supposed to stay in castle grounds where she will learn how to rule her kingdom. With adventure in her blood she always found a way to get out and seek adventure that lays in the world of fantasy.

 Separated from her sisters, the worrier of death seeks out enemies where no one will dare to go. Her father gave her and each of her sisters a pair of weapons to defend the innocent from harm.

the reapers-wife-fantasy-pictures
 With her husband by her side the reaper’s wife protects their beloved home from the monsters that seeks their heads as trophies.

 Fire protects her, claws fight for her and raging teeth lusting for blood kills for her. The dragon whisperer always sits peacefully on her spot commanding the most feared creatures in the world of fantasy: Dragons.

 Laying peacefully in her chambers the evil twin thinks about lots of mysterious ways of how she might take her sister down. Since the beginning she felt that her sister always got everything and that now is the time to rid the world f fantasies of her little sister.

 Living with enormous striped cats for years, the tiger queen learned to have courage when the den is in danger and to always stand together no matter what.

 Bewitch by her beauty countless amounts of men blindly fell into her trap and so paid with their lives. The worrier of the see is beautiful as can be and so it is said that where bones of men are found, the siren is not far from the location.

Refresh your imagination with the best selection of worrier women wallpapers that you can enjoy every moment when working on your computer, playing games or even if you just want to stare at your desktop background daydreaming about all the deeds these fine ladies does. 

This post is brought to you by HD Wallpapers. We put together collections of wallpapers to save you time so that you may find more joy staring at the collection of your choice.

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0 The Worriers And Heroes Of Fantasy Wallpapers

What would happen if war would break out in the world of fantasy?  With magic at their sides anything is possible when it comes to the right characters.  Join HD Wallpapers when we risk our own lives to get you the best shots of the most spectacular heroes that the world of fantasy has to offer.

Be a part of the breath taking adventure when you add some of these spectacular fantasy worrier wallpapers to your own collection. Discover the stories that every picture has to offer. 

With the knowledge that his home along with all the people he knows is in grave danger, the warrior of the fantasy world arranges a journey for only the strongest. They came together to discover what kind of danger is approaching. They send word to other clans and warriors to stand with then in the battle against the unknown.

 The mightiest bear along with his best friend beauty heard the news from the winds. They began to get ready for one of the most difficult battles of their lives, much more dangerous than those they fought before. They began walking the path from the tallest and coldest mountain, answering the request from their good friend.

 Raised to stand for the truth and nothing but the truth the Elvin warrior received the news from the night stars. The spectacular character fairs his family well before he began taking on the road that was laid out before him.


In the morning the news reached the Guardian of the magical forest.  With the news that he just received he began getting ready, preparing himself for battle. The spirits of the amazing forest cried and gave him the best of wishes before he also hit the road towards the kingdom endanger.   

The spectacular night sky broke the news to the night warrior. Like a lightning bolt he prepared himself, gave his beloved mother a tender kiss on the top of her head and left with his father’s fighting weapons. 

Enjoying each other’s company the beast heard someone outside of the cave.   A small boy about the age of 12 delivered the tragic news to them: that the kingdom is in grave danger and that their friend asks them to come and defend the kingdom on the battlefield. 
When everybody arrived they set up a plan of attack.  The breath taking Pegasus led them towards the battle. It was frightening what they saw, nobody ever expected something like what their eyes were seeing.

 Fearlessly the couple of mighty friends ran into battle, slicing of heads of monsters, stabbing out their hearts with powerful blades and crushing them with magic spells.

 They fought well against the terrible unknown beasts, until a long worm like creature with massive fangs appear out of the mighty waves of the ocean.


They got some help from other places during the terrifying war. There were lots killed in this quest although there was only one winner. Who it was remains a mystery to all.

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